$500 COIN GLITCH BOUNTY | Simpsons Hit & Run Source Code Leak

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LiquidWiFI plays The Simpsons Hit And Run Speedruns on Twitch and uploads The Simpsons Hit and Run Speedrun Highlights on YouTube. The Simpsons Hit and Run glitches and The Simpsons Hit and Run Speedrun Tricks create hilarious speedrun moments. LiquidWifi is The Simpsons Hit and Run Speedrun World Record Holder in the All Story Missions, 100%, All Tasks NLR, and 99% NLR categories with competitive times in other speedrun categories. Subscribe to the YouTube and watch the Twitch stream for funny live stream fails and world record speedruns. I occasionally speedrun Diddy Kong Racing, but my main focus is on The Simpsons Hit and Run. Berry.

We are talking about the $500 Coin Glitch bounty being offered because of the recent Simpsons Hit & Run (Simpsons Hit and Run) Source Code Leak
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