A Ghost Is CONTROLLING My Body!!! *I'm POSSESSED!* (Scary Text Message Story)

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A Ghost Is CONTROLLING My Body!!! (Scary Text Message Story)
When Marry wakes up she realizes that she doesn't have full control of her body! Her BFF realizes that something is very wrong with and that Mary doesn't seem to be herself AT ALL! Will the two best friends be able to get out of this scary situation!? Will they figure out what's living inside of Mary?! Get hooked as I tap along on this cliffhanger of a story! Check out Texting My DEAD Sister!!! She Called me!
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I'm Gabriella and I make super awesome, dramatic and crazy gaming videos that are sure to keep you entertained! On this channel, we all support each other, our comments are filled with love, ALL CAPS, and lots of exclamation points, because we love some story drama!
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