Cheap DIY VR Haptic Vest That You Can Make! Oculus Quest Update, Cheap Full Body Tracking & More!

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We have a lot of great news today! First of all, I have some news for you about the Decamove. Then we have some more news regarding the Apple AR Headset and its possible release date. After that, we jump straight into some VR games, existing and ones that aren't out yet, like a VR cyberpunk-like game. After that, we have VR hockey training, Oculus Quest notification access, The DIY VR Haptic Vest, Free SteamVR Game Demos, The face that Mocapforall is now out for cheap full-body tracking with cameras & AR Map navigation. Certainly, a lot to take a look at! I hope you enjoy the video :D

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0:00 Intro
0:10 A New Decamove
0:54 Apple AR Headset News
3:47 Beat Saber Top On Charts
4:58 Cyberpunk Like VR Game N1NE
6:02 VR Hockey Training
7:56 Phone Notifications Update Out For Quest
8:40 DIY VR Haptic Vest That you Can Make
11:03 Steam Game Festival VR Game Demos
12:13 Mocap For All, Cheap Full Body Tracking Is Out
12:33 AR Maps Are Coming Out For Both Apple & Android
14:49 Outro

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