Countdown To Naruto's Death Begins-Naruto EXECUTION SQUAD Formed-Boruto Chapter 59 Review!

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The moment that no one ever thought is here at last, the formation of a Naruto death squad that is meant specifically to hunt down Hokage Naruto and end his life! After losing the power of the kyuubi, Naruto finds himself in the crosshairs of Code, who is now backed by the Cyborg siblings Ada and Daemon, each of these cyborgs possesses power that goes beyond that of Jigen, who Naruto struggled to fight to survive against in the past when Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen took place. On top of that, Ada/Eida's younger brother, Daemon, possesses a hidden ability that makes taking his life impossible if a weakness to his jutsu isn't found. Meanwhile, Amado's true intentions are finally being exposed when Sumire makes the potentially fatal mistake of confronting Amado about his plans to give Kawaki a brand new karma seal! Grab those ramen bowls for this latest Boruto Naruto Next Generations discussion on Boruto Chapter 59!
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