Dark Cabin Studios Vocal Contest Entry - 4:00 AM - Crack The Sky

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A special thanks to Jacob Lizotte with Dark Cabin Studios for hosting this contest, and many more thanks for sharing your talents with all us metal heads! It was a lot of fun, and I have been enjoying listening to the other entries.
Lyrics for Crack the Sky:
I'm awake while others sleep (sleep) I'm running for my life while others dream so deep
I'm living the hand I was dealt (dealt) burdened by pain that I have felt
But when I die, I'll crack the sky, when I die, I'll crack the sky
(crack the sky)
Voices in my head, so loud. Shadows on the wall, like magellanic cloud
(Crack the Sky)
Crack, crack, the sky
crack, crack, crack the sky
(crack the sky)
Crack, crack, crack
crack, crack
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