Extreme Flips Ninja Nerf War Battle

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Check out this Extreme Flips Ninja Nerf War Battle with Ethan Fineshriber, AKA Tommy Oliver the green ranger from Ninja Kidz TV, versus one of the best trampoline flippers in the state of Utah Niko! KTR in Salt Lake City hosted the event with celebrity host Karla Hernandez, AKA Evil Empress Rita Repulsa from Ninja Kidz TV Power Rangers parody, and celebrity judges Alo Ramirez, AKA the Billy the Blue Ranger from the Ninja Kids Power Rangers series, Asia AKA Trini the Yellow Ranger from the Ninja Kidz Power Rangers videos, and Andreik AKA Zach the Black Ranger from the Ninja Kids Power Rangers seasons. Ethan takes on Niko in this epic Nerf war challenge to see who can come up with the best Ninja flips while shooting Jazwares Nerf targets like the Flashstrikes, Flipstrikes, and Inflatable Targets. They earn points from hitting the targets and creative points for the best flips earned from the celebrity ranger judges. Watch to see who wins. you could be in one of Ethan's very own video participating in a nerf war battle if you can help this video get to 100,000 likes! He will fly a fan to be in an epic nerf war battle with he and his friends that will go up on his youtube channel. Good luck!

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