Fairy Tail 100 YEARS QUEST Full Chapter 92 | The Great Labyrinth (Motion Manga)

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Fairy Tail vs Diablos, here we go! Hiro Mashima sliding in a 6th Dragon out of nowhere too, do you guys think this was always planned or just something new to elongate the series? Oo, also the Dark Dragon Slayer Nights were all revealed, Suzaku still looks the best the new female giving him a run for his money.

Youtube took me down for my Edens Zero content that didn't even have the manga panels in the Joke. BUT that's why I created my website, after this has happened to me too many times to even count. All my content is safe there, make sure to make that your main source of SamiAnime content. For now, I'll be uploading FT HYQ new chapters here when they're released but only for a short period, after which they'll only be found on the site. Apart from all that, enjoy this weeks chapter :)

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