【FGO】Lostbelt No.6「GRAND BATTLE」Norwich Calamity with NPC Only【Fate/Grand Order】

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Section 9 - Arrow 7

The final battle of the currently released Chapters for LB6. The rest will be released on 14th July.
This is where you finally got Mash back after being separated in an earlier chapter.
I left the Story part in because it was pretty cool.

- You're "forced" to field NPC Muramasa, NPC Da Vinci and Mash (can put them in backline).
- No Friend Support available, but you can add your own Servants to the party.
- All NPCs come with skills to help with the battle:
Mash: after using her NP, increase party's debuff resistance.
Da Vinci: heal party for 1k every turn as long as she's alive.
Muramasa: his 3rd skill is a plain cheat for this fight as it can ignore Defense, Invincibility and grant massive bonus damage against the boss for 3 turns.
- The Boss uses Curse as its main gimmick. It can Curse its attacker, deal more damage against targets with Curse, absorb all Curse from a target to itself, deal more damage the more Curse stacks it has, etc.

0:00 Story
2:47 Battle

You expected but it was just the longest Prologue ever.
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