FORGING a French Briquet Saber out of Rusted Iron WRENCH

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This time I decided to make a French Briquet Saber but seriously it was much prettier then my imaginations. It took too much time to be constructed because this time i listened you guys so I made a beautiful scabbard also.
I posted a community a few days where I asked you, what should i use to make a sword, most of the folks recommended me to use a rusty wrench to make a sword. To be Honest when i was about to start this project I thought this is gonna be the easy project and less time taken but once I started this build the first challenge was the Wax casting handle that took too much time but fortunately I tried my best and made this beautiful sword perfectly. And this seems me a flawless made but i leave this decision on you People so must let me know in comment section what do you guys think about this made and what should I try to make next time.
Scabbard fits perfectly on the sword, for better Grip I used a piece of leatherette inside the scabbard so the sword don't slip inside it and fits really good.

Overall Sword Length with Scabbard : 34 Inches
Handle Length : 7 Inches
Blade Length : 24 Inches
Sword Length : 31 Inches

Handle weight : ~837 Grams
Blade weight : ~ 837 Grams
Scabbard weight : ~ 572 Grams
Overall weight : ~1700 Grams
Sword with Scabbard weight : ~2300 Grams
Blade and Handle almost has the same balanced weight

FORGING a French Briquet Saber out of Rusted Iron WRENCH

Always wear leather gloves while sanding knives. Always keep a First Aid Kit at your work place.

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