Grasp Thresh Top Comeback Game! - Thresh Top vs Trundle - League of Legends Off Meta

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What rune would you use? Not using Grasp makes me Strange.


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To expand on my thoughts as usual, Grasp is just absolutely great for ranged Top Laners despite lower damage/scaling because the poke damage and sustain in lane can do wonders for the early game, leading to potential zoning/staying power that helps you win or stay even in the first place, which is probably gonna add up to more total value than whatever HP you're missing from those grasp stacks by being ranged.

Press the Attack can do well at harassing but lacks the sustain, and Fleet Footwork gives better sustain but less poking, making your poke damage more reliant on your E passive, which requires waiting between attacks. Often times, you'll miss out nice E damage due to having to last hit minions, or worse, you can tunnel vision on it and miss minions or wave control entirely.

This game isn't the best demonstration, but I'm quite certain it's one of the best runes for Thresh Top out there. That said, I've seen and heard others enjoying Aftershock quite well!

So I will ask again, what would YOU use on a Thresh Top build if you were to play it?

Thanks for reading!


Grasp of the Undying
Demolish (or Shield Bash)
Bone Plating (or others situationally)
Unflinching (Or Overgrowth for easy lanes, or Second Wind for sustain in lane or synergy with healing late game)

Legend: Alacrity (Or Tenacity)


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"Zelda & Chill"
"Zelda & Chill 2"
"Poke & Chill"

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