Hokage Naruto's Second Kekkei Genkai Explained: Magnet Release!

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Out of all the hokage to ever claim the title, Naruto Uzumaki is by far the most powerful hokage to ever exist, but there is more to Naruto's power than just his kyuubi chakra cloak or his sage of six paths power. The fact is that Naruto Uzumaki as hokage is in possession of some of the most dangerous kekkei genkai to ever exist in the history of Naruto. As hokage, we've already seen Naruto casually use Lava Release during a battle, but Naruto still has a few other kekkei genkai at his disposal as hokage! While, Naruto's new transformation is extremely powerful, there is a chance that the transformation has long lasting drawbacks to Naruto's ability to fight, which means now more than ever before Naruto must rely on the kekkei genkai that he gained towards the end of the series and mastered before becoming hokage! In particular there is one kekkei genkai that naruto has that will be more important than ever before when battling against members of the Otsutsuki clan! Grab those ramen bowls and tell your friends to bring a friend as we discuss Naruto's second kekkei genkai and break down everything you need to know about it!
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