How To Get More Followers On Instagram And YouTube

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Fake gurus are at an all time high.

With Instagram, YouTube, blue check clout, podcasts and other whack apps (Clubhouse), lame groupie mfs are being elevated to the “stage” with no social proof.

You need to fact check every person who you get advice from.

This dude Arman was on @foundr’s page.

I ain’t saying he fake guru, he might have a lot of back office tech knowledge.

But when it comes to making daily content that people are consuming and sharing at a high level, I couldn’t find he was an expert in that.

So when he started giving this advice, I immediately knew it was wrong because he doesn’t do it. I looked him up for a few seconds and couldn’t find where he is making dope content daily that was getting a lot of traction.

He said don’t follow the trends.

That’s wrong.


Following trends is exactly why social media is so powerful.

You don’t need to violate your morals.

You don’t need to chase clout in a field you aren’t an expert in because you want a lot of views

But you definitely need to play by the rules of that platform.

This is why I ain’t really doing shit with TikTok.

The rules on that platform don’t align with how I do shit.

I ain’t dancing, pointing, lip syncing while giving music tips.

That shit is whack to me.

Because of that, my TikTok presence is whack.

And I’m cool with that.

Find the platform that works with your personality and quadruple down on what you do.

And stop listening to people who ain’t doing it themselves.

What do you think?

I wanna know

Comment in the comments.

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