How to still GROW your INSTAGRAM Organically as a Photographer! Beat the Algorithm with EASE!

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No growth or engagement on Instagram anymore? I want to help you grow and will share how I have grown my personal account to currently 190k followers and two more accounts to almost 800k followers combined! There are a few simple strategies you can follow that allow you to grow easily as a photographer even if you don't have any video content at all! Watch till the end to find out about my "lame" strategy for guaranteed growth!
I am a bird photographer, but these methods and tips will work for all genres!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Do you love or hate Instagram?

Let me help YOU to take YOUR IMAGES to the NEXT LEVEL!
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This is the Equipment I recommend:
Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R6

Sony Alpha 1

Canon RF 100-500 L IS

RF Extender

RF Extender 2x

Sony FE 200-600

RF 800 F11

RF600 F11

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon 600 L IS III (I have v. II)

Canon EF L

Canon TC III

Canon 2x TC III

Canon 600 EX - RT

Wimberley Head II

Gitzo 5543LS (new version of my tripod)

Gitzo GT2545T Travel Tripod

Wimberley Flash Bracket

Wimberley M-6 Extension Post

Better Beamer (check for compatibility)

Flash Battery (Godox & Flashpoint is the same)

Power Cord

Y connector

Novoflex STA-SET

LensCoat LensHide

LensCoat Lens Hoodie

Canon II

Canon 4/24-70

Canon 4/16-35 L IS

JBL Clip3 Speaker

Sandisk Extreme Pro CFexpress Card type B 512GB

Sandisk Extreme Pro

Panasonic Eneloop Pro

Minox 8x43

Canon LP-E6N

Manfrotto Mini Ballhead

FStop Gear Sukha Backpack

0:00 Intro
1:14 Why bother with Instagram?
2:16 How can YOU Grow?
2:21 Watch your Content
3:11 Make Your Images Stand Out!
3:44 The Best Way to Grow
4:54 Shoutouts
5:40 Croping
6:35 Multiply your content!
7:23 Forget Hashtags!
9:07 Engage!
10:09 Don't be shy! - Stories
11:28 Videos/Reels - you will need them!
11:55 Reels made easy!
12:44 How I make my reels
16:55 How I made my 8 million views reel
18:45 Post Post Post
19:40 My "lame" strategy for guaranteed growth!
22:07 Like & Share - thanks :D
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