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Hey my Thiq Kings and Queens! I hope you enjoy the video! I’m so sorry for not posting, I just haven’t been as obviated lately and with school it’s been stressful. I am going to try and start posting more! ????????‍♀️✨

????‍♀️????Roblox Name????????‍♀️
Chrispurkittiess (unfortunately I cannot add anyone back because there is a 200 friend limit, but if you follow me, you can join any game I’m playing!)

✨ Socials ✨
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Roblox -

✨Common Questions:✨

~Can you friend me?~
— I cannot friend anyone due to the 200 friend limit so it just would be fair, I’m sorry!

~Can I be in a video?~
— If you happen to join me while I am recording, then sure! But if I’m not recording and you ask me, then I’m sorry but it wouldn’t be fair!

~Can I join your games?~
— Sure! You can join my games anytime as long as you are following me on ROBLOX!

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