Lego WW1 battle of Verdun - German attack, 1st part. Stop motion.

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The Battle of Verdun was the longest and one of the bloodiest battles of the Great War.
History Minifgiures provided by United Bricks:

This history video shows the first days of the battle of Verdun.
It starts with german artillery barrage followed by infantry attack.
French suffered huge losses and could hold position for thee days.
No reinforcements, no french
On the 25th of February 1916 there was no any "trench war" anymore. Open space. Germans broke through. No trenches, no barbed wires, no machine gun nests - open field to Verdun and Paris.
This was the result of the first German strike.

Narrated by Peter Baker:

History brickfilm by LCM.
Hope your views will help me to make the second part one day.

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