Mortal Kombat Movie: 10 Characters We Want to See

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That Mortal Kombat trailer just dropped and it was EVERYTHING fans were hoping for. Sub-Zero smashed Jax’s arms in a brutal fashion, Scorpion was shown to be the intense ninja warrior we all know and love, and most importantly IT HAS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. Seriously, as much as fans love the original Mortal Kombat, it is shocking to watch the bloodiest gaming franchise’s first foray into the big screen to have fights that are soooo pg-13. This is an R-rated franchise that deserves a truly R-rated film. Now that the movie is ready to be as graphic as the games are, it may as well be , where was Johnny Cage?!

That’s right, while the film looked a lot more in line with the violence games like Mortal Kombat 11 revel in, it’s also missing some characters who have been synonymous with the series since the beginning. Johnny Cage is just the tip of the iceberg as it seems like the roster for the first film has been severely cut to a very limited number of characters. So, of course, I have some suggestions about which characters should be included in not only this film but the future films this one surely hopes to set up. I mean, is anyone interested in making a movie that isn’t a franchise anymore? Of course not.
So let’s jump right into how Mortal Kombat desperately needs to include some of their best characters.

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00:26 Johnny Cage
01:36 Noob Saibot
02:49 Kitana
03:58 Baraka
04:51 Kenshi
05:51 Ermac
07:14 Cyrax
08:25 Kotal Kahn
09:32 Erron Black
10:34 Cyrax
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