My Werewolf •Part 2• •mini movie• ????????DekuBaku???????? ????experiment Bakugou Au???? •MHA/BNHA•

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Part 1:

???? Notes????
- Midoriya and Shigaraki are step brothers. Tenko is protective over Izuku, he doesn’t want to see Izuku upset.
- Eri was able to escape the lab but she got injured on her foot
- The victims that work on the lab are innocent only needed the job
- Izuku asked Torajirou for help to show evidence to the cops to take Chisaki to jail and save Bakugou and Eri
- Torajirou asked his father Akihiko for help to tell the cops what he witnessed in the lab

In this world quirks never existed, so it’s just a normal world. UA is just a normal high school :) that’s why the uniform is different.

Bakugou was kidnapped when he was a kid. He has been living his whole life in a lab not knowing anything about the real world, but he still had some memories of it. His parents got news about Bakugou from the police saying that he is “dead” but it was someone else who died. Bakugou was being injected with needles ????, tortured, shocked, hit… they were treating him as a dog. Overhaul was kidnapping kids and using them as test subjects to create a powerful beast, which his results came true with Bakugou. Until Bakugou decided to escape. Then he found Midoriya and you know the rest in the video :)

???? Video Contains????
* Mistakes
• Flashing lights
• Headphone warning
• Blood/Gore
• Torture/Death
• Shigaraki x Midoriya brother Au
• All For One dad Au (Hisashi Midoriya)
• ????????DekuBaku/BakuDeku????????
• ❤️????KiriKami/KamiKiri ????❤️
• TodoIida ????❤️‍????????
• boy x boy
• Togaraka ????????
• MomoJirou ????????
• girl x girl
• Present Mic x EraserHead
• DadZawa
• mistakes
• Bakubottom
• soft Bakugou

IbisPaint X

# Screenshots: 1,894 :)

Audio not mine
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