Outriders - The BEST End Game Pyromancer Build - Top Tree Acari New Meta

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My variation on a build popularized and originally created by tragic the current speed run king.
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ENDGAME BUILDS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Older Endgame Pyromancer Speedrun Build -
Technomancer Infinite build

This is the BEST endgame pyromancer build for speedrunning. This is the one a lot of speedrunners much better than myself use and this is the one you guys should use as well. My variation forsakes all defense for pure speed. This isn't a debuff group build or anything like that, it's meant for pure solo damage and while you could do great damage in a group you would die A LOT. I can't emphasize this enough, this build is MEGA RISKY for the sake of speed and you will die A LOT if you mess up.

Bottom tree pyromancer is outdated in comparison to top tree overheat builds. The amount of damage output gained from reducing ash blasts cooldown and amplifying damage to ashed targets totally makes up for every weakness of the traditional overheat pyromancer build.

This is much riskier than the old pyromancer build but it makes up for it with pure damage. This is the fastest pyromancer build in Outriders and the best endgame build in Outriders in my opinion.

Due to all defensive mitigation being bugged, we're totally ignoring defense and going for pure offense. This build will take skill to master and if you are brand new to the game you're going to die a lot running it. However if you understand spawns or really love a particular map this top tree pyromancer build cannot be touched in the speed department.

Usually ash breaker pyromancer builds are reserved for volcanic rounds builds, but now a new king is in town.

In this video i show you how to play the best end game pyromancer build and I know for a fact ya'll will be able to go even faster than I did. I hope this endgame pyromancer guide shows you how good top tree pyromancer is!

If you're a PC player you can go 10x faster than I go, controllers are a pain for moaning winds!

0:00 Skill Tree Overview
4:51 Gear and Mods
9:09 Playstyle
11:36 Summary
13:41 Chem Plant Speedrun (5 min 23 seconds}

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