Pet Battle Type Tier List in World of Warcraft

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As a request from one of my high tier Patreons was to make a video on a tier list detailing the best pet types and pet battles. Little-known fact, I actually had a side pet battle channel that I ran for a few years, and there isn't a single wow Youtuber or streamer who knows more about pet battles than I do. So let's get into ranking the pet battle types.

--The List--
Intro: (0:00)
Aqua: (0:56)
Undead: (1:54)
Beast: (2:57)
Critter: (3:54)
Dragonkin: (4:56)
Elemental: (6:06)
Flying: (7:50)
Humanoid: (9:19)
Magic: (10:47)
Mechanical: (12:49)

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--Music as it appears in the video--
Run with Your Heart - Dream Cave, Peut-etre - Franz Gordon, Les Feuilles Jaunes - Franz Gordon, Misu - Calm Shores, What Once Was - Gavin Luke, Salvation - Johannes Bornlof

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