random bookish tik toks i found lol

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Sorry for not posting yesterday and sorry for the shorter videos this week???? last week I was so busy cuz I'm starting summer school this week. Anybody have nanowrimo? and want to be buddies?
Mon: Book tok
Tues: Shadow& Bone
Wed: sorry can't post today
Thrus: Percy Jackson (I'll try if I can't there won't be a video)
Friday: fanfic

* none of these tik toks are mine and if you are a tik toker in the video that want your tik tok removed please imk in the forms*

Form for feedback/requests/questions:

Intro: Flowers (Prod. by Lukrembo)

press control f and the username you put on the forms
plant- yeah I've read it and i'll add it to my list
Avery the tree- most of the hp and pjo crossovers is pjo slandering hp lol
mysterious waterfal- have not but well add it to my tbr
camil- tysm and yeah I'll try:)
Smiley face - i'll try however most of book tok is literally rooted in romance
Bestie- ofc:)
high Queen Shipper- yess ma'am and funny thing I've actually read all of those books when I was younger:))
Sofia- yep! But i can't pick favorites among my books
CloudySilver- I only know time travel fanfics lol????
BookLoving Stargazer- i haven't read it yet:(( but i'm gonna soon
Amber- add it to my list
BritishFox- rowan too
Baked bean - ill try
cherry- i don't like lore of olympus. It's not a webtoon for me????
Peach - i havent' read it yet but im going too
kiwi- in all honestly I thought you were my bsf pretending to be somebody cuz she uses kiwi as a name too but yeah ty. HAPPY SUMMER
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