Reason Why Hayabusa Said i'M CHEATER? NEW BUILD CECILION TERSAKIT 2021 - Mobile Legends

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Reason Why Hayabusa Said i'M CHEATER? NEW BUILD CECILION TERSAKIT 2021- Mobile Legends

A:Ryan af

Q:Favourite Hero?


Q:What's your ML ID?

Q:Where do you come from?

Q:How to make me happy?
A:You can make me happy by like, comment, share, subscribe and hit the notification bell!

Q:What phone do you use?
A:Poco X3 NFC

Q:What app you use to edit?
A:Kine Master

Q:What screen recorder you use?
A:I use Poco screen recorder

Q:What music do you use
A:I use No Copyright Music from NCS Release

Q:Do you giveaway skins to your subscriber?
A:Yes, I do giveaway sometimes randomly

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