Rio Da Yung OG - Take Me Out *New Song Snippet*

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*I know I said I wasn’t gone upload unless he posted on his actual Instagram page but. I just feel like this needed to be uploaded outta respect man. Rio my favorite rapper and recently he just found out his sentencing for those who don’t know and it’s going to be a while. This song just hits so different and you can just feel the pain in his voice. I just feel for him and feel bad and outta respect ONLY I just had to upload. We gotta bump his music harder than ever while he gone and even harder when he get back out????. Rio will always be the KING at Sh*t Talking???? and always gone be the ????*

*I Am Not The Real Rio Da Yung Og*
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*I do not own the music to this video, all rights go to its rightful owner*
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