Sana'y Di Nalang - Bandang Lapis (Female Key - Piano Karaoke)

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Piano karaoke and backing track for Bandang Lapis' hit song "Sana'y Di Nalang". This is the female key version of the song.

If you're watching my videos for the first time, I'm KaraoKeysPH. I make piano karaoke versions of popular songs on Youtube.

These piano instrumentals can be used for any occasion. Whether you want to create a soulful cover on Youtube, show off your voice in a singing contest or have a solo concert in your own bathroom, you'll find that KaraoKeysPH has the sound that will let your voice SHINE.

Your performance will soar with a backtrack of an all-acoustic accompaniment and achieve that slow, stripped-down feel to your covers.

So try it out! Sing to it on Youtube, use it for practice sessions or to create demos. Don't forget to use the hashtag #KaraoKeysPH and show everyone how you can SING IT ON KEY!

Feel free to use this, but please credit me. To credit, simply put in the description of your video: "Music by KaraoKeysPH" and put the link of this video as well.

I do not own this song. Credits to the owner!

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