"???? Spy With My Little Eye”~Roblox Full Movie (BROOKHAVEN)~VikingPrincessJazmin

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????????HELLO FELLOW VIKINGS!????????

Grab your family and friends and don't forget your snacks!????????
You are in for another Brookhaven movie! ???? spy with my little eye, enjoy!


business inquiries/contact: vpjdirector@

~Remember if this kind of content is not your cup of tea, then please don’t discriminate and move on so the rest of us can enjoy, thank you

Everything on my channel is originally made from mind & passion that has been put into all videos, such as writing the storyline, building sets, creating characters, names etc. I don’t target any specific audience, just whoever watches, watches. But if you can’t watch without supervision, it shouldn’t be blamed on my channel, the people in my videos, the game or YouTube.

⚠️What not to do with videos
~videos cannot be re-posted, re-made, taking movie titles and thumbnails, copied,reacted, pretty much anything that is not listed here, including making your own version, reason why is because feeling inspired to make your own series or movies means to create your own original ideas, not really taking a story off of someone else’s that’s already been done and make it your own way, it makes the work unfair, if I (or anyone) have to do all the work, to let others easily make it for their channel to. Please ask first and please seek for permission and permission needs to be granted, if you already done it & gave credits, it still wont be approved as you have never asked for permission before taking action. Being a movie or series creator, you make your own stories which is how it works to grow as a creator, not taking others stories.⚠️

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there are more actors but they dont want to make it public, they want to be private, but thank you so much for participating in my videos!
Common questions
????Can we use music from this video?
The music used in this video are not free, I pay a monthly fee to use music and sounds affects which helps avoid copyright.
you will need to get a subscription license.

????Can you friend me?
A lot of people want me to friend them, I’m sorry I can’t accept any requests

????Can I be in your movie?
I’m sorry, right now it’s a no, because I’m working with very close friends and family members only, there have been complications in the past such as trolling, bullying, too many people for 1 person to direct etc

????Are you doing a giveaway of pets or robux? Can you give me robux?
No, sorry, I just make entertainment videos.

????Can I have a shout out?
I’m sorry I don’t do random shout outs

????Extra question:
How can I suggest a movie idea, can I give ideas??
I’m sorry, I don’t take in movie ideas, I come up with them on my own and help from the VPJProduction team members.

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