The B-1 Battle Droid Who Teamed Up With Aayla Secura [TRAGIC] - Star Wars

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In the final days of the Clone Wars, Jedi General Aayla Secura and her Clone Troopers, led by Commander Bly, are sent to the remote Endor system to investigate a separtist outpost there. Once there however, Aayla Secura comes across an incredibly sarcastic B-1 Battle droid, who she is forced to work with in order to slay a vicious beast.

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So the story begins on the distant, forest covered plains of Endor, where Jedi General Aayla Secura and Commander Bly have just touched down below a lush tree line. Commander Bly reports to his General that the separatiast outpost that they were sent to scout out had already been deserted, but the forward scouting squad that was sent earlier had not made contact in quite some time.

Following this, one of Secura’s men frantically calls his General over, asking her to take a look at a pile of B-1 Battle droids which had been left nearby. The trooper reports that there was a massive struggle between the battle droid forces and the Clones, but there are no bodies left to to tell the tale, only the badly damaged armor of the Clones and the shiny mechanical parts of the B-1 Battle droids. Aayla Secura then lifts the helmet of one of her fallen men, wondering to herself, what could have happened here.

After lingering on this thought for a few moments, Aayla Secura quickly asks Commander Bly to fortify their current position, while she goes to scout out the perimeter of the area. Bly then quickly sends a comms message to his men, ordering them into formation two-six and to make sure that above all, they watch out for traps. Of course, Aayla Secura has already given her men a briefing on the unusual tactics that the native Ewoks use in combat.

As Bly is preparing his men, Aayla Secura continues to move through the dense treelines of Endor, slowly pacing forward with caution until she hears a suspicious click. Behind her, a mysterious B-1 battle droid lurking ominously, with his blaster drawn. In only moments, Secura grabs her lightsaber swiftly off of her belt, igniting its icy blue blade, before clearly slicing the battle droid’s arms and legs off. Aayla Secura then furiously demands that the droid tell her what happened and why so many of her brave men had been killed. The droid’s circuits go into a panic, but he says he can explain.

Unfortunately, before the worried B-1 Battle droid can begin telling his story, a nearby Ewok emerges from the shadows and sends a thin white dart whistling through the air, until it eventually striked Aayla in the neck, causing her to tumble to the ground, in a haze.

Secura eventually does wake up from her temporary sleep, but as you can expect, she finds herself surrounded by a large horde of Ewoks, with their spears drawn and very unhappy with the Twi’Lek. Surprisingly, Aayla Secura looks over her shoulder to see that the B-1 Battle has also been captured and taken with her. The B-1 unit then sarcastically asks the Twi’Lek, “you’re finally awake, Jedi?”, angering Secura. And as is tradition, let me know down below what you think this B-1 Battle droid should be named after you finish the story, since he never receives one.

Following this, the B-1 unit continues his sarcasm, saying “Hey, I’m not your personal protocol droid… but I think they're going to eat you.” “I hope they do!”. This again sends Aayla Secura into a rage, leading her to shout at the droid, demanding that he be quiet.

Immediately after this, the Ewoks began chanting in a ritual, further annoying Aayla Secura. Unfortunately, the Ewoks then pull out a Clone Trooper helmet mounted atop a stake, deeply angering and disgusting the Twi’Lek Jedi, leading her ragefully to ask if the Ewoks attacked her men.
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