The first true VR SURVIVAL GAME for Quest 2 // Song in the Smoke Quest 2 Gameplay & Impressions

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FINALLY, the Quest 2 has an awesome VR survival game that doesn't hold back on difficulty & depth of mechanics, Song in the Smoke VR has me hooked & it might just be one of the best Quest 2 games I've played in 2021! Thank you to developers 17-Bit for the key. Song in the Smoke is a brand new VR survival game that throws players into a mysterious & magical prehistoric world filled with dangerous creatures & a harsh climate. You'll need to physically craft items, weapons, clothes & a camp site to stand a chance at surviving but that won't always be enough, this is a game that rewards patient players, those who enjoy planning & preparation will likely survive the longest as knowing exactly what you want to achieve on any given day can often be the difference between life & death.

This Song in the Smoke Quest 2 gameplay was all captured from a pre-release build but I encountered no issues during my time in the game. Since capturing these first impressions I've gone on to play a further 2-3hrs & I'm struggling to get any other content created because I feel compelled to keep returning to Song in the Smoke. It's difficulty curve & unforgiving gameplay mechanics (no autosave, can only save at dedicated campsites, weapons & tools degrade and eventually ) might put some players off at first but if you can push through to learn the mechanics there is an extremely rewarding Quest 2 survival game here that sits comfortably as one of the best Quest 2 games this year & the finest addition to the new Quest 2 games library in

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0:00 - Intro
4:18 - Getting started (Tutorial)
8:39 - Inventory system
10:50 - Crafting system
13:36 - Weapon crafting
15:00 - Campsites
22:36 - Going hunting
26:00 - Crafting a tanning rack
32:12 - Final thoughts & impressions
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