The Mask Movie Explained in HINDI | The Mask Thriller/Crime/fantasy Film summarized हिंदी /اردو

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The Mask Super Hero Comedy Film summarized हिंदी /اردو | The Mask Part 1 Movie Explained (HINDI) | The Mask Thriller/Crime/fantasy Superhero Film summarized हिंदी /اردو | Netflix Original The mask 1994 summarized हिंदी

The Mask is a 1994 American superhero comedy film Explained in Hindi and Urdu. It is The first installment in the Mask franchise. Ever After: The Mask Story is summarized with a complete ending in हिंदी explanation. This video also discusses The Mask timeline explanation. The movie is full of very strong emotions such as love hatred vengeance treachery and change of hearts and forgiveness. The movie is worth watching. And is a blend for all kind of tastes.

The plot: Stanley, a meek bank employee, turns into an eccentric and maniacal green-skinned superhero who can bend reality, after wearing a wooden mask that was created by Loki, the Norse god of mischief.
The mask movie reviews, the mask movie ending explanation is also discussed in this video

Mask 1994 movie explained in Hindi is a very fun movie to watch. Its has an IMDb Rating of

Directed by Charles Russell
Produced by Bob Engelman

Production companies
New Line Productions
Dark Horse Entertainment
Distributed by New Line Cinema

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