The "NEW" And "IMPROVED" Secret Dream Team Returns In Anime Fighters! (EP 9)

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They're back, and better than ever! Starring--ADULT GON! Wait, what? You look like you haven't eaten in days, bro. And, Inosuke what the f*** happened?!? Looking like a Lion King Disney movie character now. Super Buu, is that you? O_O Just what exactly happened to our beloved Anime Fighters?

???? Extra: ????
Intro - Mou Aru Yatsu (Kaguya Sama)
BGM - elevator music (Defphonix)
Outro - Crossing Field (Rulz Remix)
Other themes - Helltaker (Vitality Remix), Superhero (Unknown Brain), Let Me Be With You (Chobits), Dream Land (Super Smash Bros 64)
Editor - Filmora Pro
Recorder - OBS
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