The RANGE Build That Will Change Naruto Shinobi Striker...

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The RANGE Build That Will Change Naruto Shinobi This is kinda a step up from my most toxic range in build in naruto shinobi striker. This new ninja tool will change the way range types play when it comes out. If you enjoyed the video make sure to like and subscribe to support the channel.
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What I use for my videos: Elgato HD60S
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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, developed by Soleil Ltd. and published by Namco-Bandai, is a multiplayer online video game released in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on August 31st 2018. Players will go head-to-head in 4 versus 4 battles, with all eight players fighting simultaneously. The game will also let the player create their own character for the very first time. The timeline of this game takes place when Naruto is the Seventh Hokage and Konohagakure are hosting the Chūnin Exams.

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