Things That Happen In Every Nightmare On Elm Street Movie

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After so many sequels, remakes, and crossovers, Freddy Krueger has become one of horror's most iconic monsters. Even though we haven't seen a new Nightmare on Elm Street movie in over ten years, the name 'Freddy' is still synonymous with classic surreal horror, so he's a dream demon that just won't go away.

Every Nightmare film seems to add something new to the story, and each film does something new and unique to the troubled town of Springwood. Even Freddy is constantly changing, becoming a more complex character with new and terrifying abilities, but the franchise still has a few rules it'll always follow. Here are some things that happen in every Nightmare On Elm Street movie.

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The final girl lives | 0:16
Don’t fall asleep | 1:21
No parents allowed | 2:06
Freddy kills in creative ways | 3:06
Freddy takes on new forms | 4:06
That creepy nursery rhyme | 5:02
Freddy always loses | 5:48
Expect the unexpected | 6:54

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