This Game Literally Had 0 Players, So I Revived It With My Fans!

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Darwin Project is a game that's shutting down and development is coming to an end. Servers are Completely dead and i wanted to play it so i told my discord to help me revive it and we got to play a few games ????

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What Happened to Darwin Project? its gone lol.
Darwin Project is probably the most creative unique battle royale game out there and its FREE! It's on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Sadly its a game thats being shut down at the end of this year. Today i got to play it and get some gameplay. I managed to get my discord community together to all queue up on the same region and play together. Kinda gonna miss this game even though i only played it a handful of times, its super fun and it's sad to see it go but it is what it is. We turned a dead game from 0 players to at least 100 people in the lobby just alone. Hope yall enjoy!
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