Top 10 Game Features That Started Out as Addons in World of Warcraft

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in this video will go over features that are part of the base game, which started off as add-ons that blizzard liked, but they eventually decided to add to the game.

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--The List--
Intro: (0:00)
10-Calendar (Group Calendar): (0:08)
9- Instance Portals (Instance Portals): (0:42)
8- Auto-collect mail (Postal): (1:18)
7- Proc Effects (Power Auras): (2:14)
6- Item Level (Gearscore): (3:17)
5- Threat Meters (Omen): (5:13)
4- Show Numbers for Cooldowns and CC Durations (OmniCC/Lose Control): (6:10)
3- Group Finder (Oqueue): (6:56)
2- Quest Tackers (Quest helper) : (7:58)
1- Extra Action Bars (Cosmos: SecdondBar and Sidebar): (9:26)

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