Top 20 Best Romance Anime OF ALL TIME!

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Now I know how normally people react to lists like these, so rather than summarizing the entire anime I’m going to go forward and say why it is good. And after listening to my arguments, then you can go to the comments section and say why your favorite anime isn't in here. Okay, here are twenty of the best romance anime of all time.

ANIME (Credits to Anime Borg)

0:30 rent a girlfriend
1:20 show white with red hair
2:05 maid sama
2:57 rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai
3:41 tsuki ga kirei
4:31 teasing master takagi San
5:25 Bakemonogatari
6:07 Golden Time
7:00 ReLife
7:50 Love chunnibyo and other delusions
8:30 I want to eat your pancreas
9:26 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
10:20 Your name (kimi no nawa)
11:17 Your lie in April
12:07 Clannad
12:54 Horimiya
13:55 kokoro connect
14:48 My Teen Romantic Comedy (oregairu)
15:41 saekano
16:37 Toradora


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Thumbnail: Your Lie In April

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