Unacademy Combat | Crack UPSC CSE/IAS 2020/21

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➤ Unacademy Combat, The most competitive, gamified UPSC CSE battle | 6th December 11:00 AM
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Unacademy Combat is a battle to challenge thousands of learners and win exciting rewards & prices. It’s India’s biggest fortnightly competition for UPSC CSE. Extensive quizzes with 6 rounds of 10 questions each from Economy, Polity, Environment, Science & Tech, Geography, History. The questions are curated by Unacademy’s best UPSC CSE Educators. You’ll see real-time leaderboard after every question, to instantly know the answers you got right and know where you stand among other learners in India. Detailed video solutions after every contest, so that you get it right the next time. Don’t miss this opportunity. Hurry up! Enrol now!
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