Village Mega Party || Chhewar Ceremony in Rural Nepal || Bratbandha ||

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Chhewar Bratabandha cultural ceremony in the village || Bratabandha Mega party ||

The videos uploaded in this Youtube channel is for information and entertainment purposes only . And we always take permission before shooting the videos of the people and the places . THANK YOU ( Rural Nepal Quest ) This video is not Fake , not Imaginary , these all are the real activities of the people from Rural Nepal Village Areas .

- Video Concept / produce / Edit - Rural Nepal Quest
- Camera - Raajhaang Rai

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This channel is full of Informative & Entertainment from rural NEPAL, these all videos (we uploaded in this channel ) are not dramatize and fake , these all are real .We created this channel to show real lifestyle of Nepali rural village , we capture videos of all the activities of rural areas , you can see rural cultural activities, religions, ritualistic activities, festivals , rear unseen village foods, everything from rural village . All about Rural life of Nepal . If you like our channel please subscribe it and join with us to know everything of Nepali village lifestyle .We are visiting all over the village sites of Nepal - East to West , North to South of Nepal. PLEASE JOIN WITH US ( Rural Nepal Quest ) THANK YOU
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