Why Jigen DESTROYED Naruto & Sasuke So Easily-THEY WEREN'T NERFED-The Power Of A Otsutsuki God!

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The battle of Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen resulted in a meltdown in the anime community among long time Naruto fans and new Boruto fans. The two shinobi who were the heroes of the fourth great ninja war didn't just lose to Jigen, they got utterly destroyed once Jigen transformed into his Otsutsuki transformation and Sasuke was left in a near death state and Naruto was sealed away. This has led to some fans saying Naruto and Sasuke were Sasuke is always out of Naruto wasn't using his full

However, taking the emotion and shock of seeing our favorite heroes get bodied by Jigen out of the equation, the truth is that there was nothing in their arsenal at this current time that would have given Naruto and Sasuke the victory that fans so desperately wanted for them. Not the following: Indra's Arrow, Kirin, Sage mode attacks, boil release, bijuu rasenshurikens, truth seeking orbs, or even Majestic Attire Perfect Susanoo and Kyuubi attack. Grab those ramen bowls and tell your friends to bring a friend for this one, because this is a hard conversation that the fans of Boruto Naruto Next Generations need to have as we move onward into the Kawaki Arc: Otsutsuki Revival arc that starts next month. This was the warning shot and the first of several gut wrenching battles that are waiting ahead for our favorite heroes Naruto and Sasuke!
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