Why Naruto's MASSIVE Mistake Just Changed The Boruto Timeskip!

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After losing the power of the Kyuubi and seeing with his own eyes that Boruto's body can be taken over by Momoshiki at any given moment. Naruto and Shikamaru made a decision to keep Boruto within the village, but disbanded team 7 as a result of Boruto being too big of a danger to continue being a ninja. While logically, such a decision needed to be made, especially since Naruto himself doesn't have the power to take down Momoshiki if he ever revives into Boruto's body via the Karma seal, this decision is one that Naruto will ultimately regret and the reason why is one that choice will ultimately set Boruto on a path that could mirror Jigen and Isshiki's bond if steps aren't taken to change the outcome of Boruto's life and the prophecy that Momoshiki gave to Boruto! Grab those ramen bowls, because in a very subtle way the moment where Boruto's blue eyes take everything away from him has started to arrive!
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