World War Z Movie Explained Hindi/Urdu | World War Z (Brad Pitt) 2013 Zombie Film Summarized हिन्दी

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world war z 2013 movie explained in hindi Urdu. American zombie action horror and post-apocalyptic film " World War Z " Full Movie Story Summarized with Complete Ending in हिन्दी Explanation.

The plot is based on a family where a father puts his life at risk to save his loved one. The Father (Brad Pitt) a military officer after learning of zombie virus goes to find a cure for it. For this purpose he travels to different countries fighting the zombies and hurdles coming his way. He is faced with both the zombies and flying time as his enemy. During this quest of the cure he sees many people being turned to zombies within 10 seconds of the infection and even his own life is shown at threat many time during this journey. Do watch the movie till end to see whether he succeeds in saving his family and loved ones or not. The fate of the world now lies in the hands of our American thriller horror "World war Z" Movie Reviews and timeline Explained in Hindi.

Credits: All Credits goes to Movie Owners.
Directed by : Marc Forster
Produced by : Brad Pitt , Dede Gardner and Ian Bryce
Distributed by : Paramount Pictures , Netflix


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